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Current Events

March 10, 2006
6-9 PM

Art opening for Travis Conner

March 11, 2006
7 PM

Boxcar Bertha and Cakalak Thunder perform live.

March 16, 2006
7:30 PM

Hiram Larew and Michele Surat read poetry.

March 25, 2006
12 PM

We will host a book signing for animator Ray Harryhausen at Byrd Theatre. For more information on this event see the James River Film Festival.

April 1-2, 2006
12 PM to 12PM

4th Annual 24 Hour Bookman. Schedule of events will be posted soon.

April 14, 2006
6-9 PM

Art opening for Ryan McLennan. and Jon Zanin

April 21, 2006
7:30 PM

Nathan Leslie, John Amen, and Cheryl Pallant read poetry
Past Events

November 11, 2005
6-9 PM

Art opening for Nicole Baugass

October 26, 2005
7:30 PM

Richard Peabody, editor of the famed Gargoyle Magazine, will visit Chop Suey Books to bring the good poetic word from Washington, DC.

October 22, 2005
12-5 PM

Bizarre Market

October 20, 2005
7:30 PM

Rydell Bixby & Pir Rothenberg will read from new fiction as part of the ongoing von Gribley Reading Series.

October 15, 2205
12-6 PM

Music workshops hosted by 804Noise.

October 7, 2005
6-9 PM

Art opening for Michael Lease

September 28, 2005
7:30 pm

FOUND MAGAZINE returns to Richmond! Chop Suey Books presents Davy Rothbart and friends live at The Firehouse Theater. $3 fee. Davy will be reading from his new book, "The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas," reading from items found across the world, and stepping aside so that his brother, Peter, and others may play music.

September 8, 2005
7:30 PM

Von Gribley Reading Series with Gary Shapiro & Kevin Kuswa. These University of Richmond professors will give a reading at Chop Suey Books to share in the most cutting edge of philosophic thought.

September 3, 2005
6:30-8 PM

Gallery Opening for "For Your Eyes Only", a group show curated by DC native Cheryl Gant.

July 23, 2005

Bizarre Market & RVA Magazine celebration party!

July 16, 2005
11 AM - 6 PM

The Crucial Clinic, hosted by SPOKES

July 7, 2005
7:00 pm

Dennis Danvers celebrates the release of his new novel, The Bright Spot (under the pen name Robert Sydney) with a reading and book signing.

June 29, 2005
7:00 pm

Clay Chapman and Francis Decker read fiction.

June 18, 2005
8:30 pm

Girls vs. Geeks - straight from North Carolina, Skip Elsheimer brings selections from AV Geeks and Niku Arbabi brings selections from Ms. Films.

June 16, 2005
8 PM

Musicircus, a musical tribute to John Cage, organized by Brian Jones.

June 10, 2005
6-9 PM

Art opening for Hypnogogic, new artwork by Aran Galligan.

June 9, 2005
7:30 pm

Von Gribley reading series with Mary Boyes and Darren Morris.

May 28, 2005
12-4 PM

Bizarre Market!

May 26, 2005
7:30 PM

Kristian Williams reads from Our Enemies in Blue, a new book from Soft Skull Press.

May 20, 2005

Book Launch for Colleen Curran's new novel, Whores on the Hill

May 13, 2005
6-9 pm

art opening for Paul Goode

May 5, 2005
9:00 pm

Trailer Park Theater

April 30, 2005
12-5 pm

Bizarre Market

April 23-24, 2005
12 Noon on Sat to 12 Noon on Sun

24 Hour Bookman. Help us celebrate our anniversary with 24 continuous hours of events and special sales throughout the store.

March 26, 2005
5-8 pm

Pull The String! Chop Suey's annual Puppet Festival.

March 19, 2005
7:30 pm

Films by Rachele Riley

March 11, 2005
6-8 pm

Henk Groenendijk, visiting Communication Design professor at VCU, curates an exhibit about Willem Sandberg, Dutch museum director (1938-1962) and designer. Seven Exhibitions of Modest Size includes work by students from the VCU School of Art/Communication Design inspired by Sandberg. The new book on Sandberg by Ad Peterson will be available for this event.

March 10, 2005
7:30 pm

Von Gribley Reading Series with Nathan Long, Ann Archer, Leah Lamb, Scott London, Melanie Lamaga and Deikeita Eley.

February 17, 2005
7:30 pm

Von Gribley reading series with Clay McLeod Chapman and Rydell Bixby

February 11, 2005
6-9 pm

Opening reception for "I Would Have Done it Like This", new art by Tyler Thomas and Adam Juresko.

February 4, 2005
10:00 pm

Chop Suey presents One Ring Zero at Mojo's, 733 W. Cary St. Come hear the madness for only $3! Their new book/cd As Smart As We Are is on sale at Chop Suey.

January 27, 2005
7:30 pm

Von Gribley Reading Series with Tara Moyle and Elizabeth Hadaway

January 8, 2005
6-9 pm

Opening reception in the gallery for new artwork by Christian Newby and Drew Liverman

December 30, 2004
7:00 pm

Hunka Junk 4 Film Tour

December 8, 2004
8:00 pm

Jones + McCavitt CD Release Party

December 3, 2004
6-9 pm

Bizarre Market Holiday Show will have an opening reception in the upstairs gallery. Show runs through the 24th.

November 4, 2004
7:30 pm

That's Revolting! A reading from a new anthology of essays dealing with the current state of queer resistance in America. The book uses queer identity and struggle as a starting point from which to reframe, reclaim, and re-shape the world. The reading will feature a discussion with certain contributors.

November 1, 2004
7:30 pm

Cocoon: the Road Trip - a 'zine and video tour featuring the writings of Dave Roche and Nicole Georges and a film by Joe Biel. Based in Portland, these authors will be stopping in Richmond as part of their 2004 tour of the United States. The film, "$100 & a T-Shirt," is a documentary about 'zines in the Northwest US and will serve as a great introduction to anyone who is unfamiliar with this DYI underground publishing movement.

October 30, 2004
12-5 pm

Bizarre Market happens again to benefit Art 180 (www.art180.org)

October 29, 2004
7:00 PM

Liza Kate & Kathy Cashel play wonderful music

October 28, 2004
7:00 PM

Screening of Bush Family Fortunes, a documentary by Greg Palast, author of the best-selling The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

October 23, 2004
5-7 pm

Art opening for "It's Fair", a collection of photographs taken at the recent VA State Fair by Terry Brown, Mary Killmon, Curtis Patton, Partick Biedrycki, Valerie Davis, and Elizabeth Brown (all employees of Richmond Camera).

October 22, 2004
7:30 pm

Davy Rothbart brings the Found Magazine tour to Chop Suey. See what the fuss is about at www.foundmagazine.com

October 20, 2004
7:30 pm

David Rees reads from his new book Get Your War On II. Check it out at www.getyourwaron.com

October 14, 2004
7:30 pm

Von Gribley's reading with Liz Canfield and Gretchen Comba

October 13, 2004
7:30 pm

One Ring Zero will perform along with local musician Paul Watson. Their newest CD/Book, As Smart as We Are, will be on sale.

October 8, 2004
6-9 pm

Closing reception for Ed Trask's Paint by Numbers art show, with proceeds benefitting Art 180 www.art180.org and a puppet show by Huckiddy Puppet Theater

September 23, 2004
7:30 pm

Von Gribley's reading with Sommer Browning and Rachel Hilton

September 18, 2004
7-10 PM

Art opening for Ed Trask - Paint By Numbers

September 11, 2004
9:00 PM

Projexorcism screening with Liza Kate. Keep the memory alive at www.multiultramedia.com/projexorcism.htm

September 2, 2004
8:00 pm

John Cage Birthday Party - MUSICIRCUS
Featuring the sounds of johnny hott, paul watson + phil murphy, brian jones + marty mccavitt, akili obika, coby batty, pete mathis, john bullard and more!

August 26, 2004
9-11 pm

Trailer Park Theater

August 22, 2004
5:00 PM

Best Friends Day - Potluck & Talent Show

August 12, 2004
7:30 pm

Reading with Patty Paine and Susan Williams

August 5, 2004
7-11 pm

Art opening for Jason Andrews with Suspended Disbelief Puppet Theater and Sarah White & The Pearls

June 30th, 2004
8:00 pm

Reading with Clay McLeod Chapman & screening of Late Bloomer, based on his story.

June 26, 2004
12-5 pm

Bizarre Market

June 18, 2004
7:30 pm

Reading with Michael Parker & Patrick Egan.

June 11, 2004
6-8 pm

Gallery Opening for Swords Into Plowshares .  A traveling installation by Christopher Humes & Noah Scalin. See more info at www.plantthepiece.org

May 20, 2004
7:30 pm

Book Release reading for A Year and A Day  with Leslie Pietrzyk and Colleen Curran.

May 8, 2004
7-9 pm

Reception for "Wish You Were Here: Recent Portrait Photography"

May 6, 2004
8:30 pm

"Winner" featuring the music of Stephen Brodsky, readings by Liz Canfield and Tracy Wilson, and a short film by Joice Ozaki

May 2, 2004
6:30 pm

"How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office" with Malia Lazu and Bouapha Toommaly

April 24-25, 2004

24-Hour Bookman--Our two-year anniversary. See photos here