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Book reading with Bridge Hubbard, author of Finbar and Fiona!

Join us for a book reading with Bridget Hubbard in celebration of her recently released children's book, Finbar and Fiona. Finbar is a shy houseplant who enjoys stretching his leaves and sitting in sunlight. Fiona is an adventurous black kitten who loves to wrestle and snuggle. Can the two become friends despite being so different? (For ages 3 - 9!)

Currently, Bridget splits her time between DC and Richmond. She is a lover of all things feline and has been naming houseplants for years. The inspiration for Finbar and Fiona came from Bridget's OWN Finbar and Fiona - though Finbar has recently sprouted a number of plantlets so the family is significantly larger these days! Follow Bridget on Instagram (bridget_hubbard) and Twitter (@BridgetKHubbard).

In our upstairs gallery. Free & open to the public.