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Poetry Reading with Richard Lucyshyn & Heidi Reszies!

  • Chop Suey Books 2913 W. Cary Street Richmond United States (map)

Join us for a poetry reading & book signing with local poets Richard Lucyshyn, author of I made for you a new machine and all it does is hope, and Heidi Reszies, author of Recollections & Reenactments. Free & open to the public.

About I made for you a new machine and all it does is hope: "I MADE FOR YOU A NEW MACHINE AND ALL IT DOES IS HOPE concerns itself with the language of prayer and the action of prayer. Many of the poems, the [psalms] in particular, are the product of my holding some word or phrase or sound in mind and mouth until it somehow exhales and reveals what word or phrase or sound it leads to. It's something more or less or not at all like dusting off some map that has always been exactly as it needed to be, that has never not existed."--Richard Lucyshyn

"Richard Lucyshyn sees and hears what others sometimes miss or are not in the mood to receive; his poems change all that; they invite us into a world of astonishing unity and regard, into states and ideas, visions and mysteries, into abundantly and carefully layered regions within that world; we're invited to understand, marvel, and come away with newly minted, newly awakened brain waves; Lucyshyn's gift to us always leaves us grateful, glad and freshly activated."--Dara Wier

"Richard Lucyshyn's debut collection is a gorgeously tender, challenging psalm for the reckoners and seekers among us desperate to make sense of our dissonant and broken world, to be better than we are and have been, 'to be again born, machined new'--it's an epic song for the strange unnamable that manages to invent, page after page, a staggering 'new genus of ache.' This collection is itself the machine that hopes, which is the machine we need more than ever right now. Ever incantatory, these poems are a choir, calling for and summoning grace at every turn."--Allison Titus


About Recollections & Reenactments: "Varying greens are so imitative of living / Nature calculates / There is a limited number of shapes but no more / I am one edge away from wombed..." In her poetry chapbook, Heidi Reszies explores and expands liminal spaces at the intersection of text and textile. With attention to dailyness, marginality, and domestic arrangements, this sequence of poems enacts silences through a continuous stringing together of fragments/sutras. The first edition of this chapbook (first and second printing) was published by Zoo Cake Press in 2017.