The Philadelphia Quarry by Howard Owen


The Philadelphia Quarry by Howard Owen



About the Book: Black is back. Willie Black was last seen, in Oregon Hill, risking the final tattered remnants of his checkered career – and his life – to free a man almost everyone else believed was guilty of one of Richmond’s most heinous murders.

Willie’s still employed by the city’s daily newspaper, still covering the night police beat with its DDGBs and dirt naps, still avoiding the hawk that periodically swoops down to pluck away a few more of his colleagues in a business that was foundering even before the Great Recession. He still drinks too much, smokes too much and disobeys too much. The only thing that keeps him employed: He’s a damn fine reporter. Even his beleaguered bosses would concede that.

In The Philadelphia Quarry, Willie puts himself on a collision course with a part of Richmond that a boy growing up in Oregon Hill could only experience through illicit midnight sorties at the city’s most exclusive swimming hole. The Quarry was where Alicia Parker Simpson identified Richard Slade as her rapist, 28 years ago. Then, five days after DNA evidence freed Slade from the prison system in which he had spent his adult life, Alicia Simpson is shot to death at a stoplight en route to her gym.

Hardly anyone doubts that Richard Slade did it. Who could blame him? But Willie has his doubts. When the full weight of the city’s old money falls on him, trying to quash the story, he only becomes more determined to get at the thing that always seems to get him in trouble – the truth. The fact that Richard Slade is his cousin, a link to his long-dead African-American father, only makes Willie more tenacious.

In the end, Willie will be drawn back to the Philadelphia Quarry, where it all started so long ago and where the truth lies, waiting to pounce.

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