Artists Coloring Book: Volume 2


Artists Coloring Book: Volume 2


A limited edition publication of 500 copies, featuring the work by some of Richmond’s most admired artists. 

List of 30 participating artists:
Susanne Arnold, Mickael Broth, Melissa Burgess, Steven Clark,
Diana Detamore, Joan Elliott, Bill Fisher, Josh George,
Hamilton Glass, Jack Glover, Kathryn Henry-Choisser, Susan
Jamison, Wolfgang Jasper, Ron Johnson, Kirsten Kindler,
Greig Leach, Sarah Masters, Wade Mickley, Chris Milk, Michael A. Pierce, Louis Poole, Fiona Ross, Eleanor Rufty, Mary Scurlock, Katie Shaw, Susan Singer, Frankie Slaughter,
Pam Sutherland, Javier Tapia and Dennis Winston.

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