The Halfway House for Writers by Valley Haggard


The Halfway House for Writers by Valley Haggard



About the book: Is this handbook for you? If you are confident, joyful and productive in your writing life, if you understand your place in the world of writing, if you are happy and carefree when you think of what you have written and what you still want to write, this handbook is not for you.

If you have struggled with insecurity, existential angst, being stuck and feeling unworthy; if you have wrestled with writing that is too crazy, too boring, too shameful, unorganized, or just plain sucks, read on.

This handbook is for writers who are afraid to begin and writers who have begun but are afraid to continue.

This handbook is for anyone haunted by writing, writers who long to write but fear it, writers who are afraid to call themselves writers.

This handbook is the culmination of recurring themes and threads that have arisen in my writing classes again and again and the process by which my students and I have begun to recover from our crippling, debilitating and false beliefs.

This handbook is a guide to rehabilitation for wounded writers.

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